The surface set diamond core bit is made for coring soft to medium-hard formations. They are set with natural diamonds in a tungsten carbide matrix with diamond and carbide reinforcements. They are generally recommended for relatively soft, unconsolidated formations and harder formations where the RPM’s and bit loads required for impregnated bits are not available. The surface set bit is not ideal for ultra-hard formations and are not recommended. The choice of a Surface Set Bit depends by the type of rock. The size of the diamond, crown design and matrix hardness used will be determined by the hardness of the formation. It provides a great exposure of diamond enabling better performance and durability.

| Surface Set Diamond core bits are available in 15/20spc, 20/30spc, 30/40spc, 40/60spc, 60/80spc & 80/110spc. (SPC=stones per carat). Other diamond sizes are available upon request.