Wesben pursue ways to utilize the expertise in order to advance as a sustainable company and be recognised for helping customers cope with the challenges presented by an ever-changing environment.
We find ways to search out and incorporate sustainable practices within our own operations. We continue to concentrate on our company’s economic success in order to empower our people to succeed in developing creative solutions that address our customers’ environmental, economic, and social concerns.


  • We recycle all our office waste paper, cardboard, plastic products.
  • We also recycle our scrap steel & waste oil.
  • Utilizing the landscape and open factory space to grow fruits and vegetables available to workers for consumption.
  • Replacing all lights into LEDs.
  • We do not incinerate or dump the factory generated accumulated plastic waste. Instead, we give it to companies who recycle it to make it reusable.
  • We use corrugated box & try to use minimum plastic for packaging.


  • We conduct regular training programmes and workshops for our workers to enable them to enhance their skills.
  • To promote and appreciate our workers in their civic/community work.
  • Supporting the societies where we run and live as a corporation.
  • Find opportunities in the communities where we live and work efficiently to implement sustainable practices.
  • Hire and motivate individuals with experience and enthusiasm for sustainability.
  • Encourage individuals to find sustainable alternatives for doing their day-to-day tasks.