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WESBEN DIA-DRILL, established in 1991 is one of the largest manufacturers of Diamond Core Bits, Core Drilling Accessories and exploration tools in India. WESBEN specialize in producing high-quality diamond core drilling tools which are used for mining, mineral exploration, geotechnical exploration and diamond core drilling.


Impregnated Diamond Core Bit

These are made using very small, high quality synthetic diamond grits mixed evenly through a metal matrix and are reinforced with carbide and diamond.

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Surface Set Diamond Core Bit

These are made for coring soft to medium-hard formations. They are set with natural diamonds in a tungsten carbide matrix with diamond and carbide reinforcements.

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Tungsten Carbide Core Bit

These core bits are designed to cut soft formations with very small gravel, sticky shales or clay. Tungsten carbide inserts are selectively placed in the carbide matrix.

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Diamond Reamer Shell

The outside surface of the reamer shell is inset with diamonds to maintain the gage of the hole as the O.D. of the core bit wears.

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Casing Shoe & Bit

Casing is a tube or pipe which is used to stabilize the upper section of a bore hole. A casing shoe is found at the bottom of a casing string, helping it advance through the overburden layer and into the bedrock.

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Core Lifter Assembly

The core lifter is used to hold the core inside the barrel whereas Core lifter case is needed to break the core sample. is needed to break the core sample.

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Core Barrel

Core Barrel retains rock core samples from operations. We manufacture three types of core barrels – Single, Double and Triple tube core barrels.

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Drill Rod & Casing Tubes

The primary function is to convey the rotation and pressure produced by the drilling machine and to enter the bit with the drilling water, as well as to convey the rapid cooling or slime.

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Water Swivel

Water swivels are associated with the top most point of the drill string and give a successful water-tight seal between the pivoting and non-pivoting portions of the string, permitting water or other boring liquids to be siphoned
to the lower part of the drill string.

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